The Birth of Venus

A poem in trimeter, originally published in the New English Review

(Photo credit: The Author)

The Birth of Venus

Time heeds his Mother's cry
To stab and slice the Sky
Who upon Her fixed His sight
And with Him brought the Night.

His blade with jagged teeth
Dismembers stem and sheath
Which scatter on the wave
Afloat and gently laved.

While from the ocean wails
Chorines of nymphic peals:
For from immortal flesh
Sea foam wells a-gush.

On tides which carry home
Spread spawn upon the loam
To shape, from clay alone,
Another of Her own.

As crimson veil repeals
The orange dawn reveals
That seed received in womb
In Beauty springs, a-bloom.

A maidenhead sublime,
A-root in Earth, divine:
Extravagant and mighty
Hail, Venus Aphrodite!

Copyright (c) 2017 Richard Kuslan
All Rights Reserved